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About us

“Our wine shop was born in Poppi, in Casentino (Arezzo), eighteen years ago from the idea of ​​spreading our passion for wine and extra virgin olive oil to Italian and international customers. After an initial phase characterized by an offer mainly focused on Tuscan wines, today we have a wide and complete selection characterized by over 1200 labels. Always looking for new specialties, our wide range of products aims to offer our customers a special offer, of wines, extra virgin olive oil, craft beers, liqueurs and spirits that are selected with a fundamental criterion: quality.

Our strong passion for the world of wine has led us, for about ten years, to enrich our offer with French and international wines with a focus on fine and investment wines.

We do not consider our wine shop simply as “running a business”, but rather a particular place where sharing our passion with curious and attentive customers. Over the years we have been creating a unique atmosphere where wine lovers, wine experts and wine geeks share their stories with us. Therefore, our main goal is to reproduce the same “feeling” in an e-commerce website, not only dedicated to the sale of wines, beers, spirits and olive oil, but which aims mainly at being a platform where experts and non-professionals share opinions, experiences and curiosity. Moreover, we welcome the opportunity to support you with our knowledge and experience and desire to become a reliable and trustworthy reference point for you, not only for a single purchase but also for any kind of recommendation regarding “wine & food” products.